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Podcamp Montreal: Day 1

I decided to check out Podcamp Montreal this weekend, which isn’t just for podcasters as explained. I wasn’t sure what I was hoping to get out of it, but I’ve heard a few good tidbits. I arrived late so I missed the first session but managed to hit four others throughout the day.

Sex, Trust & Transparency: What would Donald Draper Blog?
with CT Moore

There was a lot of talk about transparency, integrity and honesty in this session. There was also a lot of talk about MadMen, a show that I’ve never seen. It’s one thing to use popular culture to make an analogy but the thing went a little too far and I just didn’t get much out of everyone talking about the characters in this tv show. One key thing I did hear from an audience member though was that to build trust bloggers/podcasters may not actually be totally transparent but that they must be consistent with their level of transparency.

Connaissez-vous votre auditoire? Des réseaux sociaux à la statistique
avec Pierre-Hugues Carmichael

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I don’t remember much from this presentation because it was in French and most of my brain power goes towards comprehension. I can’t seem to find my tweets from this session either which I usually use to refresh my mind. I do remember the speaker brought up some good questions that we should think about. When we’re looking at our blog stats, for example, do statistics really help us know our audience? Do we really want to know them? As someone on Identi.ca replied to me, we don’t want to be a target audience, so why do we always try to turn our readers/listeners into a certain group. Of course if our blog attracts a certain audience it is probably worthwhile to take note of that, but that does not necessarily mean that you cater to their information needs. Actually, this just reminds me of Jason Hammond and how every once in a while he’ll post a poll to see what type of posts readers want to see from him since he knows a variety of folks visit his site, but just because I’m a librarian doesn’t mean I’m not interested in his breastfeeding posts (er, if you read his blog you’d understand).

Podcasting: Now & Zen
with Scarborough Dude

My favourite session of the day, but I was more into listening than I was taking notes. He was coming at podcasting (and social media) from a different perspective than many speakers because it’s not his day job; it’s a hobby. Also, he isn’t really into technology. He has what he needs to do his podcast and that’s good. So, yeah, his approach is a little more Zen like. One tidbit he shared was not to worry about detractors and to tell them “If you don’t like what I’m doing fuck off”. That is, there are 100s of other podcasts they can listen to if they have a problem with yours so don’t pander to them. Once they’re gone you can keep on doing your thing. He also took a moment to tell those new to podcasting or just thinking about it to just do it; you’ll find your voice after a few trials. His method is to turn on recorder and not think. That might not work as well for all, but it is a valid technique!

Le Québec et le gouvernement 2.0
avec Sacha Declomesnil

Why I chose another French session I don’t know; my mind was mush already and this speaker spoke way too fast for me. As far as I can tell there was no new revelation here: government is behind the trend when it comes to integrating web 2.0 into their services. Nevertheless there are some pretty great sites that the Government of Quebec has created such as http://delaparoleauxactes.com/ and http://www.tasjuste1vie.com/. Of course it’s good to hear that Government is finally catching up on things, but I also wonder how they outreach to citizens. I mean, how many teens are really going to voluntarily go that website to read up on risky behaviours; though I suppose it would make a great educational tool. Another site I heard about was http://www.tweetcommons.com/house. It’s a site that aggregates Tweets from elected officials, but does even more than that too: Tweetcommons “maintain[s] a home page on which users can view the most recent tweets from Members of Parliament, as well as responses from ordinary Twitter users. Each MP has a personal listing with their portrait, contact information, and the tweets relating to him or her specifically, whether or not that MP currently uses Twitter.”

Okay, so that’s a quickie review of today’s sessions. Time to get some sleep before tomorrow’s!


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3 thoughts on “Podcamp Montreal: Day 1

  1. Sorry you didn’t like the session, Jenn.

    Posted by CT Moore | 20 Sep 2009, 8:37 AM
    • Oh, I liked it, but just didn’t get as much out of it as others who are more familiar with the show. The concepts behind the talk were good, just linked too directly to the show, imo.

      Posted by canucklibrarian | 20 Sep 2009, 10:24 AM


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