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Last weekend I was in Kitchener-Waterloo so I dropped by Word on the Street in Victoria park on Sunday. I managed to hit the reading by Shani Mootoo who read from her book, Valmiki’s Daughter. Of the titles on the Giller longlist, hers was one of the few that caught my eye; I was glad to have the chance to hear her reading it. I bought a copy and got her autograph and now look forward to when I have some time to sit down and read it!

Yesterday I met another author as well. I dropped by Con*Cept, a Montreal science-fiction and fantasy convention. Kelley Armstrong was doing a signing. Years ago at another Word on the Street in Kitchener I discovered Armstrong. My friends had just introduced me to her books the week before so I hadn’t read anything by her when I heard her reading No Humans Involved. That day in Kitchener I bought Stolen and read it and several others since, but I only bought No Humans a few weeks ago and still haven’t read it. Anyway, yesterday at the convention I went to her signing and had her sign that book as well as The Summoning which is part of her YA series. Kelley Armstrong is my favourite paranormal fiction writer, mainly because she writes a fair bit of action and mystery into the stories. At the convention I also saw one panel she sat on with Violette Malan, Hayden Trenholm and Claude Lalumiere. They spoke about plot and character development. Though I have no real desire to become a writer, it was interesting to hear the different (or same) processes they go through to create their stories.

Today I went to Puces Pop here in Montreal where Drawn & Quarterly had a booth. I’ve always wanted to go to D+Q but the store is kind of far. Anyway, I picked up Louis Riel: a comic-strip biography by Chester Brown  and Dogs and Water by Anders Nilsen. I remember hearing about the Louis Riel graphic novel years ago so I splurged and finally bought a copy. I’m a fan of Riel; I didn’t even realize till recently that there are people that don’t sympathize with him. The other book just looked fun and cute; the main character is walking down a road talking to his teddy bear (no it’s not a child) and I just thought that was cool. By the way, Drawn and Quarterly is having a sale this week both in their store and online, so now’s the time to be buying!


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