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Review: No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

No Humans Involved was my intro to Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. No, it wasn’t the first novel I read, but I heard her do a reading back in 2006 where she chose a piece from this book. I wasn’t sure about reading this one, since seeing this character through the eyes of her other characters (n.b. the narrator varies throughout the series) I didn’t think I’d care much for Jaime Vegas, a tv psychic medium, though really a necromancer.

Indeed like most of the folks in the book, I was fooled by Jaime’s Hollywood glamour. She wears heels, but she’s no flake. Although a necromancer, she hasn’t truly been chasing ghosts. Rather she avoids them since she believes she cannot help them.

While filming a tv special onsite with two other spiritualists, Jaime feels the presence of several ghosts though unlike most, they are unable to reach out to her. Jaime decides to investigate since the “in-between” state of these ghosts is most unusual. Of course, the closer she gets to the answer, the closer to danger she gets!

With her TV shows and the ghosts, Jaime still finds time to spend with her love interest, Jeremy who happens to be a werewolf. Unlike some paranormal fiction though, the focus is on the mystery and not the romance, which makes it a nice read for me.

If you still haven’t read any of Armstrong’s stuff, she has two other series: Darkest Powers is YA paranormal and Nadia Stafford is straight suspense (no weirdo stuff). She posts the first chapter to most of the books on her site so you can get a taste of them.


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