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Running for fun. Who wants in?

In fall 2008 I started jogging for exercise and I actually quite liked it. I worked my way through the Couch to 5k program, though admittedly I completed it in about 11 weeks instead of nine. I ended jogging when the snow and ice commenced their lengthy stay on the sidewalks.

Last year I had trouble getting back into it regularly. I had hoped that with my new dog I would’ve found a jogging partner but I hadn’t realized what a challenge that was going to be. I think next spring the dog will be ready as I’ve finally trained him. In preparation for that I decided it’s time I start trying to get back into shape. And to help motivate me I thought I’d pick a goal. A timely tweet from the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation reminded me of the Montreal half marathon.

Oh no, I’m not going after that, but on the same morning they also have a 5 km race. That is a better goal for me. What is also nice is they also offer the option of this being a fundraiser for 26 different organizations, from Big Brothers-Big Sisters, to the Old Brewery Mission to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Since it was their tweet that reminded me of this event, if I run I’ll be raising money for the new hospital.

After this crossed my mind I decided to ask around to see if anyone else wants to join me. It’s the new year after all and plenty of people have made resolutions to exercise more or be healthier. So I tweeted the request and so far I’ve got about four others who said they would be willing to run, a couple who are on the line, and a couple more that said to ask again later.

The 5 km race is Sunday, April 18th and is at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Ste-Helene Island. Participants who are fundraising are also welcome to walk the distance. All that matters is that you have a good time!

So questions:

1) Do you want to run with me?

2) Do we want a team name, and if yes, what?

3) Do you have suggestions for training in Winter?

I think that’s about it for now. Early-bird registration for $31.50 ends February  22nd, after that registration costs go up to $42. I know the Running Room closest to me has a clinic starting January 25th but any other tips for training would be most appreciated.


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