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Modos de transportes: Guatemala day five

The first five days here in Guatemala are already starting to blur. One thing I noticed here was how people get around so this post is on transportation. So how have I been getting around?

A pie

I think the only thing missing is train (and some other fringe modes). For the most part we’ve been driven around in a minivan, but it can’t go everywhere as we learned the hard way. Yesterday we were driving to Finca La Florida where we spent last night. We arrived six hours late because the minivan broke down a couple times from the strenuous hills on gravel roads. Finally the driver said he didn’t want to risk anymore so he stopped and we called the Finca for a pickup truck to get us (by that point we were only 30 minutes away). We had to ride in the bed of a pickup truck on the way out too which was really cool since it’s a great way to view the gorgeous scenery.
Another interesting transportation note is that motorcyclists have to wear their license either on their coat or helmet. Rumour says it’s because of drive by shootings but I don’t really know.


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