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Bruised and bitten – rough start to the trip

We started our adventures in Guatemala with a hike up Pocaya volcano. What torture for me – my legs kept seizing up. Won’t be doing that again and probably not worth it but everyone else kept pushing me to continue, so I did.
I took a horse part way up, so that helped but the last bit of the
hike – the volcanic rock part, had to be all on foot. I took a picture
of the flame at the top so at least I have proof I made it. I had a
very small slip on the way down from the top while still on the lava
rock and so my left leg is all scraped up and still is stingy/sore
when touched. When asked about level of difficulty the others put it at a 4 out of 10, so it shouldve been an easy walk but wasn’t.

That climb left my legs very very sore so that when we went to San
Marcis La Laguna that night it was it’s own tiny torture walking up the
hill, dragging my luggage, to our hotel. The hotel though was totally
awesome – la Paz http://www.sanmarcoslapaz.com/. It’s an eco hotel which basically means you have plants growing above the shower and bugs everywhere. We spent two nights there.

One day we took a boat across to San Juan La Laguna to visit a
library. It was sort of a random trip for us – we knew there was a
library but we did’t tell them we were coming and didn’t know if
they’d be open. As luck would have it, not only was the library open
but they were celebrating “Dia del Libro” – Book Day. So there were
lots of kids and people around. Cute library. It basically has a two room set up: one room has five computer workstations. The other room is larger and has the books around the room, in one corner a space for story time, and on another side a giant chess board. And mean huge – the chess pieces were probably at least a foot high, maybe two. At the end we all gave a donation to the Library Director who gave us the tour. He said the money will be used for June’s book budget and would send us a picture of the books we bought (we gave him our Librarians without Borders contact info).

So next stop on our trip was Finca la Florida – a sort of cooperative coffee
plantation. http://www.fincalaflorida.com/ We each were assigned a family to eat our meals with; there are about 37 families. The accomodation part is actually the old landholders big house (A German
first created a “finca” there long long ago but it was abandoned in the 70s I think). During my sleep the
mosquitoes had a buffet. I did put on bug spray but I guess it wasn’t
enough. My arms look horrible! Though they didn’t itch the first day or two they are now!
We took a walking tour of the place and learned about the
coffee and macademia plants. Have you ever had fresh macademia off the tree? Yum.

I have a lot more to write about these visits and pictures of course, but that’ll be for my return.


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