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The Mayans are with us!

Things in Guatemala are moving along nicely. We’ve gone to the school the last couple of days. And also did some cultural stuff in the afternoons.

Did you know the Mayan culture never died? Despite colonialism it’s
continued on and on. So, it’s not actually polite that so many of us talk about Mayans in the past tense since they are still thriving.

Monday afternoon we went to a museum of Mayan culture and weaving. Yesterday we went to Salcaja and a woman brought us around to different families doing the different weaving processes so we could see it first hand.

She also took us to this one guy who makes a fruit alcohol, calde de frutas (most families do it during festival season but only a few all year round
brew it). The town is known for another liquor too – one that is sort of egg nog like.

This was at Salcaja yesterday. http://bit.ly/bkg0N0

I think this morning we go shopping and then this afternoon we’re back at the Academy for more library work!


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