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Mission Accomplished: Guatemalan Library Planned

The official end of the Librarians Without Borders trip to Guatemala was May 2nd. A few members stayed behind to do some more tours and exploration of Guatemala. I personally intended to leave, and started too, but was too ill so I ended up in hospital in Mexico City for a few days before I managed to make it home. Despite that health drama, I am satisfied with the work we accomplished in Xela at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy.

The LWB Guatemala blog does give an overview of some of the tasks we set out to do and how we helped  them. There’s a post (that I wrote) that gives a bit of a photo tour of the school too. Overall we were able to provide the school director, the librarian and the reading animator with a package that included: space plans with rationale, artistic renderings of said plans, a collection policy, cataloguing procedures, a LibraryThing account, programming ideas and a few more pointers on how to run a library.

Artistic Rendering of library plan


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One thought on “Mission Accomplished: Guatemalan Library Planned

  1. This is super Jen! Congratulations on helping the people in this town help themselves. You are an inspiration.

    Love Lois

    Posted by Lois | 15 May 2010, 4:52 PM

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