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Today In class I may have mentioned that I was “anti-paper”. Okay that’s not totally true but I didn’t see the point in printing out dozens of assignments when they could just do it online and email it to me. Certainly for most things I avoid paper when possible. I’m still split when it comes to books. I enjoy the benefits of a paperback at say, bath time or bed time, though, to be fair, I have read ebooks in bed too.

Anyway, read Stephen’s post on “Are books smelly?”. When I hear someone mention they like the touch and feel of paper as a benefit over ebooks I can sort of buy that argument. But when I hear someone say they like the smell of books, I just think “ewwwww”. Some of my favourite books have been thrown out because they were left in a closet at my dad’s for too long and the mice and mildew got to them. They had a great book smell.

David Lee King wrote a follow up post and thinks that book smell in the library, is actually the Smell of Death. If the books in our library DO smell, what does that say about them? For instance, have you ever come across a book on the shelf that hasn’t even had it’s pages unopened/uncut? Well, that book must be handy to have around!


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