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The new gal will do it!

This is day 2 of the 6th round of the Library Day in the Life (but my first round blogging).

Today I was supposed to go to my class that I’m in with other new faculty but I skipped it mainly because it’s on a different campus than the one I needed to be at immediately after class. So, instead of actually going to class, I did some work for it. I am already behind in it – we have weekly teaching journal posts plus “deliverable 1” was due today and I’m still unsure how to work it; the deliverables don’t neatly match to a librarian’s duties compared to a regular instructor’s. I worked on a journal post for a bit, but was also looking at emails. I wrote one email to a coworker to take my reference shift on Friday since I’m going to another campus in the afternoon.

Just as I was going to answer another email, I got a phone call from the sender – the prof from yesterday. He still needed some help with BlackBoard so he dropped by my office and I helped him set up the cartridge in one of his sections. I’ll note now that later in the afternoon he emailed with another question (he wanted the quiz to be worth less than it was showing). Instead of digging around for the answer myself I emailed a coworker that is our BB expert here and then forwarded her response to him in probably less time that it would’ve taken me to go through the documentation.

I had two back to back sessions for an Early Childhood Education course. I went into the first one around 11:40. The prof there was great (she was the one that coordinated my visits for all of the sections). Many of the students had questions and seemed engaged though well before time was up (and before I was done) some were packing their bags and getting ready to run off. I really enjoyed having students who wanted to ask questions, and it was great having the prof help me out in the class – speaking up to give her point of view, asking me if I was going to show something, and circulating when the students were doing the activity. The second session had fewer students and many of them were eating lunch which I didn’t mind as long as they didn’t get ketchup on my articles 😉 By calling the first prof great, I don’t want you to think that means the second one was less so. From my brief interaction, I got the feeling she didn’t have librarians come into the class before. She even suggested leaving for my presentation but I asked her to stay and speak up, comment, etc. I saw her taking notes, which was great and she did also speak up a few times and even answered my questions (“Anyone know what an abstract is?”). I think it is great when students see their own instructors involved in the session. While I seem to have run out of time with the first class, I had extra time in the second and I think it’s because the students had fewer questions, and it was my second time giving it so it ran a bit smoother.

The downside of these classes what that it was primarily on database searching yet we weren’t in a computer lab. The one activity I had them do was in groups look at an article I printed out and discuss whether they thought it was from a popular magazine, a trade publication or a scholarly journal. I also tried to get them to participate more as I was searching asking them what terms I should use and if I should use “and” or “or” , etc.

By the time I was done those class it was about 1:30. I had a meeting at 2. Instead of getting something to eat, I went through a few more emails – I sent the slides I used today to the profs; I emailed my manager; I emailed another coworker about training. The coworker then dropped by and we talked a bit about the training. I was supposed to have this training done for this week but between my schedule and those who most need the training, and the boardroom availability, I couldn’t fit it in. So, it’ll have to wait until next Tuesday when I’ll deliver it after the reference meeting.

The meeting I went to was focussed on our information literacy services to/for faculty. We talked lots. And we didn’t even cover everything. So, this is where the blog title comes in – since I’m the newbie around here that means I get to take on more duties. Not *more* than anyone else, just more than what I had. You learn as you go how much you can fit on your plate. I came out of the meeting being assigned chair of a subcommittee that will look at our Info for Faculty webpage. I also have two projects to work on: an article for our library news/podcast to faculty and an elearning module for faculty on interesting library collections. The elearning module will also be a topic of a session for the faculty forum which happens in May.

The last hour or so of work was random bits. I composed an email to staff about the above mentioned training. I checked out the guidelines for writing articles for our news and I also looked briefly at the instructions for creating an elearning module. I made sure to add all those things into my task list.

It’s funny how when I think of the day it’s 2 hours of classes and 2 hours of meeting, but the rest of the time flew by too!




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One thought on “The new gal will do it!

  1. I always found that classes where the students AND the instructors participated were the most helpful for me as well as the class. The instructor often gives cues as to what type of research they want for projects, the most useful search terms (because they’re specialists in their fields), etc. Now when I do one on ones, I try to remember some of the terms I’ve heard instructors/students use and it really helps a lot.

    Posted by DaenelT | 26 Jan 2011, 3:34 PM

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