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Another day in the life of a librarian

Even though today I only had one workshop scheduled, I felt just as busy as the others. I started my day off by logging on to the employee eLearning site. As a new employee I had to complete training on customer service for people with disabilities. That involved a slideshow with video followed by a quiz.

Around 10:30 the professor whose class I was going into later dropped by to introduce herself. We had a quick chat and I told her how things went in the other two sections I did. After she left I did a few minor edits to the presentation – I wanted students to understand databases better, so I added a picture of an iPod so I could relate iTunes as a database to our library databases. I went to her class around 12:30 and it was lovely. At first I thought it odd that she referred to her students as “my chickadees” but, it is an ECE class after all! Sort of endearing, actually. Again I felt a lot better giving this session. I think it went great. Yes, there looked to be at least one student falling asleep, but there were several who were engaged. The activity went well and their assistance with the database searching was good too! Oh, and the prof had them applaud at the beginning and end. So nice! (I did get applause once yesterday too).

It really is hard to keep track of where my time goes if I don’t have appointments scheduled…I think at one point I started looking at information about the college’s Teaching with Technology Day. I was hoping I would be inspired to submit a proposal so I was looking through what was presented the last couple of years. Some of the past sessions had resources posted so I know at one point I ended up on Slideshare reviewing a couple of presentations. Alas, I did not come up with any ideas…there were a couple vague notions in my head but I think they would be more library focussed rather than general technology & education related.

Early in the morning I remembered to email another prof whose class I’m visiting tomorrow. I sent him the slides and confirmed the time I was going to show up. Later in the day he emailed back asking if it was possible to change my example topic to something human resources related. I spent quite awhile looking through databases and old resources to think of something appropriate, but eventually I realized there’d be no way to re-do all of that work in an acceptable amount of time. If I changed the topic, I’d have had to change half the slides! I won’t consider that a time waster though since I will now be better prepared for a subject change for the next semester when this course is taught.

That did lead me to the hands-on activities that were already prepared for this workshop. The exercises are okay, but based on the pre-workshop questionnaire I gave this class, I am not going to spend as much time in the article databases as the previous librarian did. The students asked for more on finding industry reports, company info and statistics and since all of those were also part of the original session, I am just going to emphasize it more. Anyway, this had me re-evaluating the activities. I did change the topic of one of the activities, added graphics, and asked a few more questions on it.

As usual, I answered a couple emails – some about my visits to observe my coworkers, some about training. I had an email request from another instructor for her course. She CCed the librarian she worked with before and so then that librarian called me over and talked to me for a few minutes about how I might handle that request; she suggested an exercise she did for a similar group. I replied to the instructor, we selected a date, and I sent an email to book our library lab.

I know I filled my day with other odds and ends. The last thing I did before leaving was photocopy the handouts for tomorrow morning’s class. Blue paper was left in the photocopier, so blue is what they get! Tomorrow I have three workshops for three different classes in three different venues: one in the library’s lab, one in a classroom, and one in a computer lab!


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