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Observation day

day 5 of library day in the life

Just a quick post tonight since I’ve told people that I’ll actually go out tonight. I’m getting to be famous about not following through on such claims (so much cozier staying home).

Anyway, today started with another workshop for ECE. Prof was so nice. She even offered to buy me a coffee but I had to run away because then I went to watch my office-mate give a workshop for a class on careers. She talked about things like directories, associations, employment agencies, job banks, and databases like career cruising. Looked good!

Then I ran off to catch the shuttle bus to go to a different campus but I didn’t know where the information booth was (and that’s where the website said the shuttle would be) and so I chose the completely wrong door to exit through. By the time I realized where the shuttle was, I saw it driving away. So then I looked up transit directions and took the bus instead. It took ~45 minutes but I still made my appointment in time.

It wasn’t so much an appointment but another workshop I was going to observe. The reference technician at that campus library was doing a library workshop for a Tourism class. I learned a lot about tourism resources and I also learned it doesn’t matter what you do some students aren’t going to pay attention. This reference technician has been doing these sessions for a long time so there was very little I could suggest to her for improvement other than maybe a handout for the hands-on portion.

After her class we chatted a bit, and then I just stuck around and used a spare computer to try and do some work. I primarily started to think about the projects I was assigned on Tuesday. I need to come up with an interesting topic to write about for the newsletter to faculty. I went through some of the old ones to see what they did. I also went back over Rochelle’s Project Management Series. Yeah, so Friday afternoon was a fair bit of reading and not much working.

That’s it for Library Day in the Life!



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