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Practical Design Indeed: Cool(ing) Bandanas

From the spring One of a Kind show in Toronto, I found this exhibitor with a nifty product: Practical Design (booth K-37) offers the K9 Cooler, a cooling bandana. I had been looking for a bandana for my dog and none of the local dog stores had been selling them.

There was another OOAK vendor that had some really cute doggie bandanas with cute sayings like “Throw the damn bone” or “Sniff Patrol” (Pet Creations booth Q23) but what drew me to the K9 Cooler was indeed its assistance in keeping dogs cool! The K9 Cooler contains moisture releasing crystals – so soak the bandana in water for 20-30 minutes and then you’re set for the (hot) day, letting the moisture evaporate naturally around the dog’s neck. Zeus could really have used this last week during our epic 6 hour walk in the sun!

Zeus with K9 Bandana

Zeus with K9 Bandana

Practical Design offers other cooling items as well including Cooling Ties and Cooling Pads.

They also run a fundraising opportunity selling the Lunch Buddy Trio. Looks like a fun, creative, and eco-friendly option for organizations trying to get away from chocolate bar and cookie sales!


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One thought on “Practical Design Indeed: Cool(ing) Bandanas

  1. Let me know if the doggie bandana works to keep him cool. You know how much I want to have a dog soon (as soon as we can freaking find a house).

    Posted by Gen | 3 Apr 2012, 9:32 PM

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