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After quite an absence, I’m once again trying to blog a bit more frequently. I’m in a period of transition right now (though I suppose life is one great transition from birth to death) and writing more just seems to help.

One thing you may notice is that there’s less about libraries and even books. There are two reasons for this. One being simply that I am not currently working in a library. I’m still following library news and issues but there are a lot of other bloggers and writers out there that say wonderful things in support of and about libraries already. The other reason I’m not blogging as much on libraries and books is that I’m exploring my other interests and giving myself permission to write about whatever I feel like at the moment.

I am trying to discover what my passion is. I have so many interests but I am not sure which ones I am truly passionate about, and once I find that passion, how it will help me further my career.

Back in January I took a webinar from the Education Institute on “Defining Moments: Define Yourself and Decode the Library Job Satisfaction Puzzle” with Beth Maddigan. Beth had us write down five nouns that describe who or what we are – how we define ourselves. My five were: instructor, dancer, dog owner, advocate, reader. She then had us break down what each of those mean. For example, an advocate might be someone who is compassionate, a broad-minded thinker, persuasive and tolerant. Each label I’ve given myself indicates aspects of my identity that are applicable and useful to not just my personal life but career as well.

There have been a few other similar exercises that I’ve been trying to write out in my attempt to further define who I am (but not by occupation) and what I want (and need). I’m still somewhat stumped because I have so many interests but nothing stands out as a passion. Perhaps I’m giving that idea of passion too much emphasis?

I have so many clumps of interests:

libraries, books, education, open access, instruction, digital literacy, social media

eco & local fashion, “clean” cosmetics, swapping, upcycling, collaborative and/or sustainable consumption

dogs, pets, animal rights, human rights, social justice (really, somehow thinking about my dog and pets leads me to social justice and human rights…after all Zeus is likely a war survivor.)

I’m not certain the above clumps even contain all the ideas that run though my head every day (oh, like gaming, I’m so into board games lately), but that should give you an idea of the randomness that is me. I’m sure you’re all very similar in the diversity of your interests. At the moment I feel like finding a focus (or two) is key to my progress.

So, while I’m still trying to figure it all out, I’m giving a few new things a go. We’ll see how it works!


About Jen

An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Thanks for posting. The five nouns idea may help me a little in my job search or the rest of life. Will have to think of five for me when I’m a bit more awake.

    Hope your exploration all works well for you.

    Posted by qualitypunk | 4 Apr 2012, 1:46 AM
  2. Hope the transition works out well for you.

    Posted by silversprite | 22 May 2012, 9:38 PM
    • It’s still ongoing. I’m still not certain what my passion is but I am feeling better about things in general and I am paying attention to what types of jobs/careers pique my interest.

      Posted by Jen | 22 May 2012, 10:57 PM

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