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Raw food for revitalization

Back on March 31st, I attended a talk on raw food by Sasha Campbell from Blyssful Health. Sasha talked to us about what raw food is and a few simple ways to introduce more raw food meals into your daily routine. The first I ever really heard of raw, was probably through following the Twitter account of one of my favourite Canadian celebrities, Bif Naked, who also eats a raw food diet (from what I can tell by her tweets) and so I really didn’t know the background behind this movement.

Sasha first shared her personal story on how she was first introduced to raw food and her motivations for incorporating it into her lifestyle. She almost literally stumbled upon the idea of raw food when she and a friend went looking for a gluten-free bakery and instead found a raw food restaurant (I think it was Live Food Bar she mentioned, but not 100% sure about that). Sasha believes food is of great importance to us (I agree, it is our life source, our energy, after all) and because she has a child with special needs she is conscious of the healthy food choices she makes. In 2010 she was feeling particularly low energy and down because of some additional family matters and decided she needed to do something to revive herself; She started adding more and more raw meals into her diet. After going 100% raw for two months she felt much more energized!

Sasha now offers counselling on how to incorporate raw food into your food routine as well as Uncooking Classes. Sasha was not dogmatic about her approach and was not preaching that everyone should go 100% raw. She understands that everyone has different abilities and needs when it comes to diet, but she believes raw food is a great way to re-energize oneself.

I believe that any diet that fulfills your nutritional requirements and doesn’t harm you, or anyone else, is an acceptable plan; especially one that calls for more vegetables and fruit! What I can’t really go for is the “science” behind what many raw foodists claim regarding enzymes and so forth. Listening to the talk I had my brain suddenly trying to recall OAC Biology (or was it grade 11) when we learned about enzymes and digestion. Being that high school was so long ago, I took to my phone and searched a bit on raw food and enzymes. It’s quite easy to find plenty of resources that discuss raw food, enzymes and its benefits but just as many that point out the flaws in the enzyme argument. I did find this one article by a pro-raw foodist whose first point on wrong reasons people eat raw which was exactly what my brain was trying to dig out from high school biology – humans need human enzymes for digestion, not plant enzymes.

In some ways I find eating to be one of my greatest challenges. It’s not easy finding things that are easy to prepare and tasty. I’m finicky and so one week I may have a craving for salads but that might not last to the following week. I was hoping raw food would inspire more ideas for simple and easy to throw together meals but I may have tuned out a bit when juicers and dehydrators were included in the discussion. In any case, this Cashew Cream cannoli recipe written by Lidia at Aireater.com sounds yum!


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2 thoughts on “Raw food for revitalization

  1. My mom and a number of other dietitians get regularly frustrated my the food fads. There are people who have been forced into a mostly vegan diet due to food allergies. And it’s both expensive and hard to get complete meals and many need to take supplements to really keep their bodies needs taken care of. There are a lot of people who work hard to maintain a diet without meat and getting the nutrients to keep going. Usually when there is a story of someone switching a feeling better, it’s because if you really looked at the previous diet it wasn’t complete.

    One of the things that draws a lot of people to diets and reasons that they feel better on them is that diets provide recipes, instructions, feeding times, quantities, etc. They take a lot of the figuring out and guesswork out. So usually people are getting a more complete meal plan, which is really what they are responding to. So people go from eating fast food hamburgers to eating a diet, yes they feel better. They were eating CRAP before. But that doesn’t mean that all meat is bad.

    Speaking of meat, I found a butcher store that was started in 1839! They have beef marrow bones for the dogs! They have them mostly because they get cows in and therefore have all sorts of parts of them. And their ground beef is really quite yummy. My mom went with me to explore it and she was reminded of butchers from her childhood.

    Posted by Gen | 22 May 2012, 11:30 AM
    • Right. There could be many factors as to why a person may feel better when switching their usual food routine.

      Glad you found a butcher. Your new pup will be happy about that!

      Posted by Jen | 22 May 2012, 11:35 PM

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