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Imagine a world…who’s there?

I was playing a new game (Glass Road) recently and I couldn’t help but point out to my friends that there are no female characters. Not one out of 15 roles is depicted by a woman. Although this is just a tiny little thing, it’s all of these little, purposeful, omissions that add up to … Continue reading

Refresh & Revitalize Your Dance

You didn’t think it was possible and you didn’t see it coming, but somehow swing dancing has become routine – and not in the fun Jitterbug Stroll routine kind of way! Don’t worry! Many dancers hit a bit of a dry spell at some point in their life but there are ways to break free and find the complete enjoyment you experienced in your early days of dance. Let’s talk about a few ways to help you stay engaged in a hobby that you really do enjoy! Continue reading

Dance Everywhere

The following is a short piece I wrote for the Tea for Two newsletter last month that covers the swing dancing scene in KW. Just thought I’d add it here too! Summertime often means a hiatus for dance lessons but it certainly does not lead to a dance drought. After spending the rest of the … Continue reading

Leaf Print tunic by Olio Organics

I think by now it’s easy to see that my fashion posts are overtaking my book posts. I can’t wait until my hold for Overdressed comes in at the library; then I can do a post on books and fashion in one! Recently one of my more selective purchases was from Olio Organics, a brand … Continue reading

Brimming with Chocolate

The last weekend in April I took a trip up to Montreal. It was my first weekend back since I moved in December 2010 and so there were lots of people to see and places to visit. One of my must-see places is Briimstone Chocolates in NDG (5879 Sherbrooke W). When I lived in Montreal, … Continue reading

Raw food for revitalization

Back on March 31st, I attended a talk on raw food by Sasha Campbell from Blyssful Health. Sasha talked to us about what raw food is and a few simple ways to introduce more raw food meals into your daily routine. The first I ever really heard of raw, was probably through following the Twitter account of … Continue reading

Clara Dress by Jennifer Glasgow

Recently, I attended the spring One Of A Kind show in Toronto. So many of my favourite exhibitors were there it was difficult to choose from all their lovely wares. I decided purchase the Clara dress from Jennifer Glasgow. Jennifer Glasgow is a designer based out of Montreal that I first discovered years ago through … Continue reading


After quite an absence, I’m once again trying to blog a bit more frequently. I’m in a period of transition right now (though I suppose life is one great transition from birth to death) and writing more just seems to help. One thing you may notice is that there’s less about libraries and even books. … Continue reading

Practical Design Indeed: Cool(ing) Bandanas

From the spring One of a Kind show in Toronto, I found this exhibitor with a nifty product: Practical Design (booth K-37) offers the K9 Cooler, a cooling bandana. I had been looking for a bandana for my dog and none of the local dog stores had been selling them. There was another OOAK vendor that … Continue reading

Cleaning up Cosmetics

For the past few years I’ve tried to become more aware of the chemicals I use in everyday life, both natural and synthetic, and how prolonged exposure to some of these chemicals isn’t necessarily a good thing. It was easy enough to see how household cleaning products are mostly nasty (I now mostly use vinegar) but … Continue reading



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